Special Formats

When installing internal insulation systems, often there are structural conditions that require special formats and cuts. Above all, the existing window reveals that often provide only little space. Also, in the adjoining areas of walls and ceilings, specially formed boards are required.

For this we offer custom-made solutions through special formats to our customers. Both detail elements as well as tapered boards are available in the standard product range. Pre-milled stucco elements complete the range. In their type and structure, the special formats correspond to the normal CALSITHERM climate boards. Therefore, the same guidelines as those for the boards apply to the base surface preparation, processing and surface coating of the special formats.

Do you need project-specific special formats? Please do contact us. We also produce factory-finished sizes according to your wishes.

Reveal Boards
CALSITHERM KP reveal boards are sanded on both sides and are pre-primed on one side at the factory. For example, they are guided at the window joint, front face against the frame. The decoupling is done through the CALSITHERM KP movement joint strip. Corner mesh beads are placed on the room-side. Arched reveals can be adapted through smaller segment strips.

Wall to Ceiling Joint Board
CALSITHERM KP joint boards are sanded on both sides and are pre-primed on one side at the factory. The are available in two sizes. To avoid thermal bridging in the area of intersecting solid ceilings, larger boards (500 mm deep and 30 to 8 mm thick) are used. To prevent condensation on intersecting internal walls, the smaller tapered boards (250 mm deep and 25 to 3 mm thick) are often sufficient.

Stucco elements and cornice profiles
Our modern milling machines can produce a wide variety of shapes, such as stucco elements, from the CALSITHERM climate board. We offer seven different variants in our standard product range. We would be happy to produce custom profiles for you according to your samples or drawings.

Customised cuts and board thickness can be produced at your request. If the same dimensions are repeatedly required in your project, then a factory cut can be the ideal solution for you. This can significantly shorten the installation time and also save material through optimum utilisation.

  • Thin reveal boards
  • Wall to ceiling joint boards in two sizes
  • Variety of stucco elements and cornice profiles
  • Customised cuts
  • Thickness of 15 to 120 mm

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