Domestic fireplaces and chimneys

For the construction and use in fireplaces and biomass boilers, we offer various calcium silicate boards.

SILCA® 250KM is an established thermal insulation board in Europe and beyond, which is used to protect the adjacent walls and to line the fireplace.

SILCAHEAT® 600C unites the desire for heat radiation when operating fireplaces with the requirements for a simple and quick installation. The high graphite share in the solid calcium silicate board provides pleasant radiant heat from the surface.

Thanks to its excellent insulating properties, SILCAPAN 750FB / 750FB-G enables the stationary temperature in the combustion chamber of a fireplace to be reached more quickly and can therefore reduce emissions. The solid, high-quality combustion chamber lining is insensitive to moisture and thus guarantees a long service life in the combustion chamber. In addition to a white surface, we also offer the SILCAPAN 750FB-G in an elegant dark grey surface.

SILCARAPID® 850CB is a construction board with a thickness of just 17 mm. The installation possibilities are simple and various. This enables the construction of modern fireplaces and adjacent surfaces without additional time-consuming plastering.

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