Plant Construction

Due to their versatile properties, calcium silicates are excellent and environmentally compatible functional materials. They have excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties and can be used in temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius. Thanks to modern machining methods using five-axis milling and turning machines, it is also easy to produce complex and custom-made components.

Our customers, who manufacture their products using calcium silicates, appreciate the high production reliability and the high-quality output.

We know there is a need for these applications in many industries, for example ...

  • in the automotive industry for the production of rims and engine blocks
  • in furnace construction
  • in machinery and Plant construction
  • in glass production
  • in measurement and control technology
  • in renewable energy technology (fuel cells)


Materials from the product groups CALCAST, SILCAPAN and SILCATEC are available for these applications.

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